Bench migrate error : IncorrectSitePath


I created a custom app called epochapp and pushed it to github. I installed this app on another system by running

bench get-app epochapp GitHub - umaepoch/epochapp
bench --site site1.local install-app epochapp

The app got installed on the new site successfully but when I ran bench migrate, I am getting this following error:

raise IncorrectSitePath, {0} does not exist@.format(site_config)
frappe.exceptions.IncorrectSitePath: 404: Not Found.

But, even though, I am getting this error, my website is opening and is also reflecting the changes that I had created on the app. Also, the bench update ran successfully. So, I am wondering if I should ignore this bench migrate error or is there something that I need to do to address it?

Thanks very much for all the help extended so far.

How did you run bench migrate? Did you specify a site?

Try bench --site site1.local migrate

Thanks a ton @vjFaLk… it worked… :slight_smile: