Bench Migrate not removing customized fields

I had customized job opening doctype and added few fields on my dev environment. After exporting these changes as json files (bench export-fixtures), I migrated these changes to test server. Used bench migrate to make the same changes effective on test server. Fields were visible on test environment.

Now I have removed 2 fields from customized job opening form, did bench export-fixtures on dev environment. Now even after doing bench migrate on test environment, these 2 fields are not getting removed. Tried refreshing a lot of times, didn’t work.

Any suggestions.

Files getting exported : custom_field.json, property_setter.json

Fixtures will not be automatically removed. You will need to write a patch for that.

How do I write a patch?

Should I manually remove these columns from database table?

When we click on customize form, where are the fields that are displayed on the page coming from?

Some fields are getting displayed twice, but only column is there in the database. Is there any other database table which saves these customizations?