Bench migrate not updating customizations done in role permissions


Whatever changes I do in role permissions manager, is reflected in the db in tabCustom DocPerm table, but after running bench migrate, it does not update the customizations and the changes are not saved.

Can anyone help me on how to resolve this?

Thank you in advance.

Assuming you migrated from v10 to v11, possibly your custom permissions were affected so you may have to reimplement them.

From these notes

User Permissions
User Permissions has been redesigned for simplicity and control. In Version 10, setting user permissions depended on 3 settings: User Permissions, Role Permissions, Document Type. This was extremely hard to configure and understand and based on user feedback, we have unlinked Role Permissions from this.

This is the design that actually kicked off a breaking change, and hence Version 11!

Follow the discussion that led to change in User Permissions [Proposal] User Permissions Simplifcation