Bench new-site using AWS RDS Postgres - fails

Am using the link for bench new-site which shows that if --db-type posgtres is used, then postgres db is used for the site.: bench new-site

But I want to use the AWS RDS Postgres, so am running a command like below -

bench new-site mysite --db-type postgres --db-host --db-port 5432 --db-name postgres --db-root-username dbadmin --verbose --force --db-root-password <password>

This keeps failing with password authentication failed for user "dbadmin"

If I change the above command to below - removing root password and db password, it seems to connect and asks for a password, but then fails to connect wrong database name

bench new-site munim --db-type postgres --db-host --db-port 5432 --db-name dbtest --db-root-username dbadmin --verbose --force

Above fails with the error: FATAL: database “db-erpnext-01” does not exist

However, the same works fine if I run the command???

psql --port=5432 --username=dbadmin --password --dbname=postgres

Can anyone pls help what’s going wrong here - how to create a new site using postgres from AWS RDS

If you’re trying to set up ERPNext on PostreSQL, please note it’s not currently possible. Only the Frappe framework itself is supported (with a few tweaks). To modify ERPNext for PostgreSQL support would not be a trivial task.

I don’t believe there is ongoing development to make this happen any time soon.

Here’s a github discussion on it:
Postgres support for ERPNext · Issue #24389 · frappe/erpnext (