Bench not found on docker

I used to have local ERPNext install directly when I use macOS Mojave.
But now that Docker is available, I’m moving the dev using Docker to my macOS Catalina.

I had successfully installed and accessed my site on local.
But today when trying to open the docker with VSCode, I can’t run bench command on the terminal of VSCode.
The prompt always return bash: bench: command not found

  • Opened vscode with code . in frappe_docker directory.
  • vscode asked to reopen the container. I clicked the button.
  • I can open the files in vscode, change the files, run git, but not bench command.
  • That bottom-left corner of vscode display Dev Container: Docker from Docker (if I’m not mistaken, I think it was displaying Dev Container: frappe_docker)

Is there anything I did wrong or any steps I have to run before I can run the bench?
Thank you.

Did you copy devcontainer-example directory to .devcontainer ?

❯ git clone
❯ cd frappe_docker
❯ cp -R devcontainer-example .devcontainer
❯ code .

Once started it shows Dev Container: Frappe Bench in VS Code left-bottom corner.

Prompt in container/VS Code terminal should be something like this.

frappe@fde876006bba:/workspace/development$ bench --help

Does it have to be copied every time we open bench?

That’s my confusion. Because it was Dev Container: Frappe Bench (or Frappe Docker, I forgot). Now it is Docker from Docker

If I Shift+Cmd+P > Reopen in Container > Docker from Docker the prompt is root ➜ /workspaces/frappe_docker/development (develop) $
Can’t run bench here.
Also can’t run bench in /development/frappe-bench directory.

I re-clone frappe_docker, cp dev-container, and code .
Now vsc shows Dev Container: Frappe Bench adn can run bench cmd.

Just remember, does this issue caused by changing the consistency to delegated and rebuild the docker?