Bench not in user directory

I read in some articles and posting that the bench folder seems can be located not in user directory. But in official and not-so-official guidance, it is always to install bench inside user (“frappe”).

Is there any special procedure or condition to install bench outside of user directory?

Hi @rahy

I think you can install bench in any directory as long as you have the correct directory permissions set. Bench gets installed in the directory in which you run the bench init command.

bench init --frappe-branch version-14 frappe-bench

In the above code “frappe-bench” is the bench installation directory, which is usually the user home directory. If you install anywhere outside of the user home directory you’ll have to set chmod -R o+rx permissions on that directory. It’s not recommended to install outside of the user home directory as it can pose as a security thread due to the expanded permissions.