Bench not working after Ubuntu update

I am trying to get v14 and have been trying to update the requirements
I am on VM running V13
First, i Updated Python to V3.80
Then updated Ubuntu to v20
erpnext is running with out any issues but
Iam not able to get to bench
this is the error i get
how do i resolve this
please help



Try sudo pip3 install frappe-bench.

If you intend to upgrade to Ubuntu 22.04 and version 14 of Frappe and ERPNext, installing Frappe ERPNext 13 on a fresh Ubuntu 22.04, with the version 14 requirements for python3, node etc, then restoring a backup of your current ERPNext, may be easier than tying to upgrade in place. If possible.

Your python environment might have changed. I had this issue before on my local install a while back. See if your new upgraded ubuntu uses pyenv, if it is, then you’ll need to set the right python version.

Do a which python or locate python to find out how many binary versions you have in your system.