Bench set-admin-password


A question regarding changing the admin password for a site.
From bench --help:

Usage: bench  set-admin-password [OPTIONS] ADMIN_PASSWORD

  Set Administrator password for a site

  --logout-all-sessions  Logout from all sessions
  --help                 Show this message and exit.

The description saying this is to set password for a site.
But the command doesn’t described options for site.

And it can be used plain bench set-admin-password without --site.
Would the plain syntax change all sites?
Is this intentionally? Because using it plain then can be problematic for site-specific admin.

How about this:

bench --site site1.local set-admin-password Sup3rS3cr3tPassw0rd

For most commands, the --site comes right after bench.


OK that’s one thing that it is not described in the help. But yes I did it that way too.
But more crucial on my post was the use of the command in plain (without the --site option) that it might change admin password for all sites.

Many times you have a currentsite.txt in your frappe-bench/sites folder. This file gets created by the command bench use site1.local and can be deleted if you don’t need it anymore. The site name in this file is used as the default if you don’t pass the --site argument.

If there is no currentsite.txt and no --site argument, nothing happens:

> bench set-admin-password Sup3rS3cr3tPassw0rd
Please specify --site sitename
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