Bench set-mariadb-host mariadb

Need Help in this command execution…!!!

when i try to run this command “bench set-mariadb-host mariadb” i face error like this:-
Usage: bench frappe [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]…
Try ‘bench frappe --help’ for help.

Error: No such command ‘set-mariadb-host’.

So please help me out…!!!

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What does bench version return?

There’s an issue about this Can't execute `set-mariadb-host mariadb` correctly · Issue #1254 · frappe/bench · GitHub

set db_host manually in common_site_config.json

or use bench set-config -g db_host mariadb


In 3rd point of possible solution you have given code, can you tell me where to find file?

i can’t find that file , can you tell me the path?

bench version is 13.22.1


It looks like the bench version 5.7.5 does not have the set-mariadb-host option. In addition to trying the options that @revant_one suggests, you may pip3 install frappe-bench --upgrade to bring bench to version 5.7.6 and the set-mariadb-host will be available. pip3 show frappe-bench will show what version bench is intalled.

It depends a lot on where you have been installed bench.
If you are using the frappe_docker solution, it would be easy to answer because all users have bench installed in the same folder: ~/.bench, so the is at ~/.bench/bench/

Anyway, I ordered the solutions from the best to the worst, so the 3rd one is the least recommended. I personally recommend to you the answer that @revant_one provides: bench set-config -g db_host mariadb.