Bench setup production

Hi All,

I am using bench start and the site is working fine in 8000 port.

I need to run in production. so i sudo reboot the server and sudo bench setup production frappe.
The code seem is working fine.
but i can’t access the site in port 80.

screenshot is shown as below:

any extra action that i need to do?

hi @kenny, is port 80 in use, can verify with this command → netstat -anltp | grep “LISTEN”.

hi @NeisSenni

i think it didn’t been used.
how i able to start it?
by right Bench setup production will start it right?

@kenny, it shows port 80 is not in use. Is ERPNext running (bench start). If not than please run and check.

May refer to this solution for port change.

i use bench start and it is shown as 8000. it suppose to be 80 right?( as the image below)

@kenny, it shows the port is not changed. I am on development setup and tried the following steps but not working. You may raise issue on github.
Reference: Multitenant Setup · frappe/bench Wiki · GitHub