Bench setup sudoers


The above link says:
bench will also need to restart the processes managed by supervisor when you update the apps. To automate this, you will have to setup sudoers using the command, sudo bench setup sudoers $(whoami).

Any manual way to do that rather than sudo bench setup sudoers


You can start by adding your erpnext user into the sudoers file.

Sure, you could always communicate with Supervisor directly, instead of through Bench commands.

You can send supervisord signals, or interact with it using the supervisorctl CLI.

I have successfully done all the steps The steps i took :

  1. yum install supervisor
  2. bench setup supervisor
  3. bench setup nginx
  4. created symlinks
  5. supervisor also running fine and page also reloads.

But i am skeptic about this last step which says to do sudo bench setup sudoers $(whoami). I can’t run sudo as command not found error and i can’t do without sudo as its saying need privileges. So i was wondering what this step actually does and if i can do that manually.