Bench start giving error

I am installing erpnext on windows machine using oracle VM and importing .ova file. I followed the basic steps to setup new app, new site. Using VS code editor for viewing files. Done remote sync and all. Able to see folders of new site also.

Now, while doing bench start it is giving error as shown in screenshot below.

Plz help. I am very new to this.

Have you done any changes in code base?

I have just changed site_config.json file setting developer_mode=1 from VS code. Then sync to remote VM and uploaded this file.

but then bench start gives issue.

Also, if you can clarify the steps of installation and making new site when using oracle VM with .ova file import and VS code as editor it will be helpful.

Can you share span for site_config.json?

it looks like…

“db_name”: “1bd3e0294da19198”,
“db_password”: “tkoAXvsa0SbaJgPa”,
“developer_mode”: 1,