Bench start instantly shuts down after upgrade v10 to v12

Dear colleagues,

we have a VM develop image according to the easy install script. The bench was started using

$ bench start

now, after an update to V12, the bench will shut down directly after it has been started with

Rebuilding form.min.css
Rebuilding form.min.js
error Command failed with exit code 137
waitch.1 stopped (rc=0)

Any ideas what went wrong?

Check this post , something related to dev 2 GB RAM and prod 1 GB
Maybe it helps not sure though if it’s your situation but it has the same error

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Thanks @AnthonyS, this seems to have been the issue. I have increased RAM to 4 GB and swap to 2 GB and not it seems to be working (at least so far it did not shut down).

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