Bench Start - Single Site or All Sites in Bench

What happens when following command is run?

$ bench start
  1. Does it serve a single site only?
  2. Installed Bench Manager as a second site on the bench, but its not accessible from host machine using Bench Manager Url. The first site is served.

Guide further.

What does: bench setup nginx report?

In the background, bench start initiates a simple werkzeug server for your default site. If you have other sites on the same host, they will not be served.

I suspect you could run the command more than once in different terminal sessions to serve different sites, but I’ve never tried it. Generally speaking, bench start is intended only for development. For multiple tenants, you would usually set up a production deployment (which includes nginx and supervisorctl).

Edited: Looks like my understanding was incorrect! See @revant_one’s correct answer below

bench start will serve all sites as long as currentsite.txt is not configured.

I create sites like: site1.localhost, site2.localhost, siteN.localhost, I can access them via hostname like: http://siteN.localhost:8000, http://site2.localhost:8000