Bench start to start the project, how to close the project

Start the:
bench start

Shut down:?????????

@df5556456464 crtl + c .

After SSH performed bench start command, closed SSH window directly, after can’t quit

@df5556456464 are you using developer mode on a live ubuntu server ?

yes yes

Project running slow, how can the project running smoothly?

Development version too slow

@df5556456464 I know . mine is too slow too . even with 16gb of ram . I m trying to fix it. to close your server you have to kill the process from “ps -aux” . or you know what, just reboot your server . it may also clear some unnecessary background jobs.

Close the project, I also only restart the server


Development version of the browsing history 80 m will affect the speed

@df5556456464 for me I think it’s something related to database , because requesting data from server always take too much time , even with 16gb of ram and 8 cores . this is ridiculous.