Bench trim-database in version-13

There is in the docs about this bench command.
But when I try to run it got a message:

Error: No such command 'trim-database'.

Does this command exist in version-13 or not?
If not, is there any alternative way to achieve the same?


This command is only available from frappe version-14.

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Then it should be removed from the docs for version-13
…and the likes.

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It seems there there is an way to edit the page

Can I remove the whole page?

I’ve tried to remove documentation pages, but never found a way. :confused:

Seems that only frappe team (or people with account) can manage that.

I remember a forum post of someone that re-work on the documentation (change from GitHub - frappe/frappe_docs: [DEPRECATED] Frappe Framework Documentation. Please don't raise new contributions here. to actual documentation and add the version selector) but I can’t find it again and I don’t remember his/her name.

May be you’ll have a better luck than me with this …