Bench: unable to add multiple branch setups to one database

I want to play around with multiple branches, but with only one database setup so I don’t have to re-setup all my data everytime. However, when creating a new site I get database already exists error. So I want to reuse that database when setting up a site with bench.

Hi @Davincible,

I’m not the expert and never tried this myself.
But I was thinking maybe it can be done the way remote database is used. Create the bench with its own database. Then change the database to pint to the existing database.

I’m also interested if this can be done, so please share if find the solution.

The problem with that would be the database name, as its a hash of the website, and the website is the same, thus it tries to create the same database

When bench init you can define the name of the database. Look for it in the docs.
If I’m not mistaken, it’s a —db-name option