Bench update bench path

Hi everyone,

Is there any quick way to update bench path? Actually I have multiple code bases so i have to switch
between them, But unfortunately the bench always picks up the old bench path.

I looked around the code and found that every method that has a bench_path as an argument always has default value “.” ,But this is getting me into trouble because I have two code bases one setup at home directory and other inside an other folder.

So whenever I try to start bench (bench start) even for the other code base it always pick default bench path and gets failed :frowning:

But bench serve --port works perfectly. :slight_smile:

Any help would be appreciated.


So, the old installer had a hack that would basically hardcode the path of the bench that it would create. To fix this issue, just remove the file frappe_bench_dir from the /etc/ directory. However, you’ll always have to go inside the bench’s folder to run any commands.

@vjFaLk Awesome :relaxed: … That’s what I wanted