Bench update command is safe?

  1. bench update, 2. bench update --patch
    I’m using ERPNext 13 and I want to get patch level update.
    How much is it safe? If I run this command. Is this create any issue or can I revert it back, without losing any data.

Hi @megha007,

bench update

Pulls changes for bench-repo and all apps apply patches, builds JS and CSS, and then migrates.

bench update --patch

Run migrations for all sites in the bench

More details for check Bench Commands Cheatsheet:


after doing this, I’m getting this error
The system is being updated. Please refresh again after a few moments.

Hi @megha007,

Please apply and check it.

bench set-maintenance-mode off


I’m working on localhost,I run website using bench start.

for run this command in frappe-bench


Okay I’ve done… Thank you…