Bench Update crashing ec2

Hello, I’m starting to learn about frappe and erpnext. To test, i decided to change some translations from the get started help menu (ex: “Introduction to Buying”).

To apply the changes i’m always using the command bench update. But sometimes i loss connection to my aws ssh and is always necessary to log into amazon and restart the server.

Server has 2 cores, 4 gb ram and using ubuntu 18.04
I’ve checked for memory overflow, but it was normal

My questions are:

  • Is bench update the best way to do so?
  • Is normal bench update make the server crash?
  • Is there some flag to bench update to do only the rebuild?

Welcome @Silluz to the forum.

2 CPU and 4 GB RAM should be enough. I did have the same issue when using ram below that.
In AWS I use t2 or t3 medium at the least (disclaimer: I’m no expert in aws)

If I’m not mistaken, if you search this forum for server configuration you can find several discussions about it.

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thanks for the comment @rahy! I’ll serch more in forum

You do not need to run bench update to apply changes. Actually, bench update will seek to overwrite your changes as the command will pull changes from frappe/erpnext repo and any change you have made will either force bench update to stall with the warning “you have uncommitted changes…” or will overwrite your changes.

Command to use if you make any change is bench build and bench migrate (although migrate is not always necessary except the changes are extensive). You may also need to run bench restart for good measure although not always necessary. But in any case, never run bench update if you want to apply local changes.

Best practice though is to build a custom app and call your changes with hooks. That way changes to the core system will not overwrite or break your changes or affect your instance performance.

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Appreciate @flexy2ky