Bench update error attribute

./env/bin/pip install --upgrade -r apps/frappe/requirements.txt

i ran the above command
i even did
git pull
git fetch

but still iam stuck with attribute error …tuple…object has no attribute … name
Iam running on windows 10 with vm


Full error trace please.

i have taken a snapshot of the error
how do i post it here

Drag and drop works

this is the error i get

Hi it would be better if you highlight the text from the top and copy paste it here, rather than screenshot. Thanks

Thanks for the reply
How do i copy from the terminal window of vm


Same problem here, (this problem only from yesterday):


I made a restore from my backup based on:

Everything works well.

It seem in my case the
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
made some changes in python2.7 pip install.

Thank you for your attention

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