Bench Update Error: Error compiling '../apps/frappe/.github/frappe_linter/'

Hi, getting this error when ever I do a bench update, regardless if it is master or develop branch. Much appreciated if anyone give a lead where to look?

Updating DocTypes for frappe : [========================================]
Generating Website Theme Files…
Compiling Python Files…
*** Error compiling ‘…/apps/frappe/.github/frappe_linter/’…
File “…/apps/frappe/.github/frappe_linter/”, line 14
print(f’Checking: {_file}')
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Is this a new installation, first attempt at update. or has it been updating well in the past? What version ERPNext?

Yes since first attempt. Sorry my mistake, it only happens in my develop branch.
Which is not as crucial. Thanks for the reply.

frappe develop branch has dropped support for PY2 and is tested only on PY3.7. f-strings are compatible with PY3.6+. So you’ll have to upgrade your environment Python to 3.6+ for this to not break