Bench Update Error - New Issue

I have installed frappe and erpnext manually on fresh server.
It was working fine. Sales Funnel was throwing this error: Sales Funnel Issue · Issue #7546 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

Now I am trying to do bench update so I am getting error. Even when i try bench setup nginx (as i added new site to test, so wanted to setup port for new site)

Any Idea or anyone can suggest something?


did you make any changes in site_config.json?
please validate your site_config.json file content on


No Changes were made to any json file.
the jsonlint says valid json
Well for 1 site i have added dropbox secret and access key and its uploading the backup successfully.

But now it looks like there i more issue in the site from user interface

Seems like you have merge conflicts in your .json files


can you share the site_config.json & site_config.json file content ?


Common site_config.json common site_configjson -
site folder site_config.json Site folder Json file -
Kindly Check

Any update on this issue ?