Bench update error v14

I am on V14
I am not able do a bench update
it gives an error

further after a git status

please help me solve this issue
With regards

It’s not necessary to track the '__pycache__' directory in git.

Open the App’s '.gitignore' file using a text editor. And add this line:


As another example, you can examine ERPNext’s '.gitignore' file here:
erpnext/.gitignore at develop · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

Once __pycache__ is ignored, it will not be mentioned when checking ‘git status’. And you should be able to proceed with your Bench update. :+1:

If you want to read more about these files, here is an article:
What is __pycache__ in Python? | Towards Data Science

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Its under ~/frappe-bench/apps/ecommerce_integrations/ you will find the file .gitignore

Thanks Centaur
I checked every folder in the ecommerce_integrations and could not get the file
i checked it folder by folder without results
did a search and did not yield results
Thanks and Regards

you can ofcourse create it

Here is the .gitignore from github GitHub - frappe/ecommerce_integrations: Ecommerce integrations for ERPNext

have a look into it, copy it and then additionally add


at the end.

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Hi Centaur
got the file
it was hidden
added the line
below is the contents of the file


still the same error while bench update
do i have to run anything additional after i edit the file?
Thanks and Regards

it should be


2 underscore on either side

Hi Centaur
yes… have done the same…typo in above post

is what i have done