Bench Update Errors After Easy Install

When running a bench update after install using easy script , the system err on updating frappe assets.!


How much RAM/CPU etc?

hey Bud
This is a test site in the cloud for my small service biz :slight_smile:
1 CPU vCore
1 GB Memory
20 GB SSD Storage
1 IP Address
Linux OS

1GB of RAM is pretty low - you are getting out of memory errors, so this is most likely the problem

OK bud , let me see what i can do.
However the initial install was successful , just the update did not go through.

Just BTW have you had any challenges setting up a custom email domain ?
im getting a incoming mail is incorrect message , ive checked the ping from my frappe server it does respond , i have setup the custom email on my phone and it does work.

I haven’t had email issues, so I can’t help there.

So reinstall was a success , however still getting an issue on the UI.

I think you have made some customization after installing or during that, the issue is mainly in either your files build or nginx proxy, the easy way to test which one is to run:

bench update --rebase

this will take out all site customization and update and rebuild the site.

if that did not work, you will need to check your nginx configurations

i think my environment is a bit dodgy …
tried rebase , no known command.


Revise your directory.

are you run it in the frappe-bench directory?

Hope it helps

you need to use frappe user (frappe is the easy install / default user unless you stated otherwise in installation).

so do:

su frappe
cd /home/frappe/frappe-bench
bench update --rebase

this should work.

So upped the ram on the cloud instance and ran a clean install.!
getting the attached error

The error seems to relate to permissions - set to mode 700

yes correct.
So on setup created a user with sudo permissions and used ‘usermod -aG sudo erpnxtadmin’ then switched and ran the easy install,this is a clean setup on ubuntu 20.04

Perhaps the umask setting is incorrect?

@msalim79 recently one of my friend was facing the same problem after upgrading the bench. Please update your Nodejs version and then refersh !!!

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