Bench Update has taken away administrator access

I did bench update, now the system is giving error for Administrator user. Any module I click I get this error message. “You do not have enough permissions to access this resource. Please contact your manager to get access.”

Could you clarify the circumstances better, please.

Are you running a production system with live users?

Which version and OS?

Its production system with 2 users.
erpnext version 11

Ouch! That’s an ugly situation.

You are still able to log in as Administrator, but cannot perform any admin tasks correct?

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Do you have experience with the REST API?

Yes, thats it

Not at all

Do you use have a way to run the command line tool curl?

yes, I can login to frappe and run the commands, please can you give me the commands to run?

Try this:

curl --location --request GET '' \
--header 'Authorization: token 067..........42:69..........04'

You will need to get the correct key and secret of course.