Bench update - just one app

as far as I understand once you run bench update all existing apps are being updated (I think under the hood through some sort of a git pull or git fetch/merge command).

Let’s say you have many custom apps it could be that there is a situation where you only want to update Frappe/ERPnext but not the custom apps. Is there any way to do so? For example can you just navigate to /apps/erpnext and execute a git pull origin there?

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Sure you can do that. Just change your directory to desired app and execute git pull.

so a bench update will try to execute a git pull for all repositories inside of frappe-bench/apps, right?

Git pull only update files but doc-types are not reflecting in doctype list. Any solution to update doctype-list?

Please do a bench --site your_site_name migrate

you can run bench build and then bench migrate to update doctype.