Bench update stuck

Current version is 11.1.16
Trying to do a bench update, but stuck as below.

Have tried a couple of times, still no luck.

From clarkej

The issue is that it’s stuck at ‘Building frappe assets…’ after the Built css/frappe-web.css step
That’s the issue. It isn’t moving forward

You need to apply the principles of the referenced post, and then rerun the update

I did. The error is gone, but the bench build still stuck on…

EDIT: Memory problem… Swap file and, after a little time, works!


Hi, i am stuck at building frappe assets after bench update.

I didnt understand what is the meaning swap file, how to to that,please explain

I recommend minimum 1 core, 2 GB, 4 GB swap server to run ERPNext.

It means that you have to change the swap size in your server… I recommend that you dig a little bit on…

Thank you