Bench watch and Git commit

What scope does bench watch command cover to maintain changes of js and html files?

I only made little customizations to js and html files under ~/frappe/public and ~/erpnext/public…but when doing bench update from v5.1.4…it got conflicts.

I then committed those files using git commit but still got error. When to use bench watch and when to use git commit? only to maintain js and html changes.

But before this, bench update ran without problem and my changes was maintained. Only with my current update from v5.1.4

I run git commit -a and bench update done…but seems the merge becomes ‘messy’. All invoices showing blank.

What are the steps to maintain the changes of js files? bench watch or git commit?

Before this update (prior to v5.1.4), all updates worked well…without git commit etc.

Appreciate for help.

Best never to run watch with commit or wait till your files are built.

Watch is nothing be a compilation (concatenation) of JS files required for at time of loading for frappe & erpnext.

I have similar problem. I made changes in DeskModuleBox.vue but it doesn’t reflect. Procfile has watch: bench watch. I also added “developer_mode”: 1, “auto_cache_clear”: true, “disable_website_cache”: true, in site_config.json but that too doesnt help. If I rebuild using bench build command changes reflect.

watch: bench watch is not working. Any help? Am I missing something. Using bench build explicitly everytime is cumbersom.