Bench Watch not reacting to file changes in Docker

I installed ERPNext on Docker using frappe_docker/development at main · frappe/frappe_docker · GitHub, installation went smooth and then When I run “bench start”, it’s stuck on “Rebuilding item-dashboard.min.js” but I am able to access the site via localhost:8000

The issue is when I made any changes to JS files in the public folder of an app, the CLI remains unchanged and nothing is happening. If I run “bench build” the changes are appearing but it takes very long. Why “bench watch” is not automatically detecting the file changes? How can I debug this?

contents of my Procfile

web: bench serve --port 8000

socketio: /home/frappe/.nvm/versions/node/v12.18.2/bin/node apps/frappe/socketio.js

watch: bench watch

schedule: bench schedule
worker_short: bench worker --queue short 1>> logs/worker.log 2>> logs/worker.error.log
worker_long: bench worker --queue long 1>> logs/worker.log 2>> logs/worker.error.log
worker_default: bench worker --queue default 1>> logs/worker.log 2>> logs/worker.error.log