Bench - Where are the beautiful backup files?

Hello reader nice having you here! :fire:

If you could assist - it seems I have trouble finding those ERPNext 15 backup files on the bench. Could you lend me some glasses to see them better?

user@server:~/frappe-bench$ bench --site site15.p backup --with-files

Backup Summary for site15.p at 2023-11-12 10:37:30.812115
Config  : ./site15.p/private/backups/20231112_103728-site15_p-site_config_backup.json 118.0B
Database: ./site15.p/private/backups/20231112_103728-site15_p-database.sql.gz         1.0MiB
Public  : ./site15.p/private/backups/20231112_103728-site15_p-files.tar               10.0KiB
Private : ./site15.p/private/backups/20231112_103728-site15_p-private-files.tar       10.0KiB
Backup for Site site15.p has been successfully completed with files

user@server:~/frappe-bench$ cd
apps/   config/ env/    logs/   sites/
user@server:~/frappe-bench/sites$ cd
assets/        site15.p/      site15p.local/
user@server:~/frappe-bench/sites/site15.p$ cd
locks/   logs/    private/ public/
user@server:~/frappe-bench/sites/site15.p/private$ cd
backups/ files/
user@server:~/frappe-bench/sites/site15.p/private$ cd backups/

user@server:~/frappe-bench/sites/site15.p/private$ cd files/

Environment: Debian 12
Fresh install of: Frappe 15 ; ERPNext 15 (running ok)

Hi @Harry:

Backups are generated on


contains public attached files


contains private files


There you will find “live” stored private files, not “backup” ones.
Hope this helps.


Oh this is so awkward. I tried to use cd to list the files without enabling listing functionality.
Just use ls instead if on a fresh setup or just always.

erpnext@vmd66950:~/frappe-bench/sites/site15.p/private/backups$ ls

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