Benchmark to increase background_workers value in common_site_config.json

What is the benchmark to increase background_workers in common_site_config.json
the value by default is assigned to 1

This depends on your needs.
Background workers’ job is to handle long and short jobs.

thank you @Gembira_IT_Tech
but still I didn’t get satisfied answer in this topic, what is the criteria for this to take specific decision related background_workers
my default background_workers was 1, I increased it to 4, is it good?! bad??!! and why

To decide whether and how much to increase the number of background workers, you should consider the following benchmarks and factors:

System Load and Performance:

  • CPU and Memory Usage: Monitor the CPU and memory usage of your server. If your server has available CPU and memory resources, you can afford to increase the number of background workers.
  • Worker Queue Length: Check the length of the task queue. If there are consistently many tasks waiting to be processed, it indicates that the current number of workers is insufficient.
  • Task Processing Time: Measure how long it takes for tasks to be processed. If tasks are taking too long to start or complete, additional workers might help reduce this delay.

You may get some tips about it in the “System Health Report”.