Benefit of Frappe-UI

I am newbie in frappe-ui. So I have a question what is the benefit of Frappe-ui? Why we need frappe-ui while frappe framework support very much?

Frappe UI is a component library developed as part of the Frappe framework, and it is designed to provide a consistent and responsive user interface for web applications built with Frappe. Frappe is a full-stack web application framework built on Python and JavaScript that supports rapid development and customization of business applications.

Here are some benefits of using Frappe UI:

  • Consistent Design: Frappe UI provides a set of pre-designed and pre-styled components that follow a consistent design language. This helps in creating a cohesive and professional-looking user interface across different parts of your application.

  • Responsive Layouts: Frappe UI is responsive, meaning it can adapt to different screen sizes and devices. This is crucial for providing a good user experience on a variety of devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

  • Built-in Components: Frappe UI includes a variety of common UI components such as forms, buttons, tables, charts, and more. These components are ready to use, reducing the need to build everything from scratch and speeding up the development process.

  • Customization: While Frappe UI provides a default set of components and styles, it is also customizable. Developers can extend or modify the existing components to fit the specific requirements of their application.

  • Integration with Frappe Framework: Frappe UI is tightly integrated with the Frappe framework. This integration simplifies the development process as developers can leverage the features and capabilities of the framework while building the user interface with Frappe UI.

  • Productivity: By using Frappe UI, developers can save time on designing and styling common UI elements, allowing them to focus more on the business logic and functionality of the application. This can lead to increased productivity and faster development cycles.


Thank for your answers. I see Frappe UI has less document. so why we don’t use frappe-react-sdk to develope application because react has richer components?

Do we have any Frappe UI , tutorial or doc?

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Yes, I know document website Frappe-UI is But it doesn’t describe enoughly about input and output of component

Will the Frappe UI be used for the Desk or as a frontend to a Web App?

Frappe UI’s primary use case is to build new applications that use Framework as the backend, with a crafted front-end experience that desk does not provide out of the box.


Thank you for your reply, Mr. Rushabh. :heart:

Yes, I saw yesterday a video on BWH Youtube channel showcasing exactly what you have mentioned.

Ah! I read your article “Thoughts of a Jobless CEO”. Looks like you’re keeping busy by joining in on the forum discussions! :smile: