Best Browser to use ERPnext

What is the suggested browser to use ERPnext.

On google-chrome when clicking the print button the pop-up quickly disappears even when i disable the pop-up blocker

On Firefox the print button works fine.

there is also an issue when i login again in ERPnext it redirects me to localhost/desk “resulting in page not availbale” instead of localhost:8080/desk

Any modern browser should be fine. Can you reproduce the steps?

For The print button issue
On Google-chrome

  1. New Quotation
  2. Fill in Form
  3. Click printer button
  4. Click print button

For the Login Issue
Using Google-chrome
1.Login in ERPnext
2.Open a new blank tab
3.Close the tab with ERPnext
4.Go to the ERPnext URL (Localhost:8080)
5.Click Login
6. it will result to page not availbale Localhost/desk <-Port is gone