Best configuration and server provider for hosting ERPNext for 50 users


I want to implement ERPNext in cloud for around 50 users who will access it everyday from 3 different location. Usages will be continues and 50 users can use software at a time everyday . I can’t host in ERPNext because I have several customization’s . Can anyone suggest me a server configuration and a provider for long time (5 years minimum) with very good security and backup solution ? It need to be in reasonable price (Not cheap or high price :slight_smile: )


Would suggest or DigitalOcean. For server config I would suggest you to start with a basic server and expand if needed.


Hello @neilLasrado

Thank you very much . For company I,m taking the server is an establish company with regular operation . So production server need to be smooth . Also they have previous data of 5 years which need to be imputed . What amount of data storage do you think they need ?


Try a server with >= 4 GB RAM. The data storage will depend on your file storage. I believe a 20 GB disk should be enough to start. Expand if you run out of space.

Thanks for your answer . But the only problem is you can’t increase your storage if needed . I can effort a 80GB SSD with 8GB ram but in near future I might need more storage without increasing ram . But digital ocean doesn’t give this facility . Even I can manage with 4GB ram also but I need more storage


better use google cloud cloud platform you can scale just your storage or CPU, Memory