Best practice for a Frappe App with many custom UI Pages

I am working in a Frappe App that need about 20 more custom UI views for end users.

The reason is that the default view of Frappe looks like admin side, not friendly enough for end users.
Besides, some other views need to combine a lot of data to show and interact.

I am thinking about 2 approach for now:

  • Using Jinja pages
  • Build a separate vuejs/reactjs app, and host outside Frappe (this may take extra effort for handling authentication/authorization. And user must navigate to the reactjs and back to Frappe app many times, bad experience here.
    Just wonder if it can run inside frappe so that user don’t need to navigate around. And best prcatice to handle authen/author

Please advice.
Thank you.

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Hi. Sorry if this is off-topic
Would you happen to live in Greenwood British Columbia ?

Have a look into Page doctype.
You have full control to create anything, you can even embed a vuejs app.
There are many examples in erpnext source code.

Thank you @guimorin ,
Let me give it a try. Be able to work with vuejs is good.