Best Practice for Adding a Margin/Commission to a Quotation Where Using a Predefined Price List Is Not an Option?

We are a trading company and normally add a fixed margin of say 3% to every item quoted. Right now we are using a single price list for buying and selling and then for every item add a negative amount in the “discount” field.

When quoting many items this can become cumbersome, and most importantly there is always the risk of forgetting the negative sign and actually adding a discount.

Therefore I was wondering if there was an established way of adding a margin/commission to every item invoiced? For example, could the following be recommended:

  • Add an income account “commissions”
  • In the “Taxes and Charges” section of the quotation
    • Add a fixed margin on net total
    • Check “Is this tax included in basic rate”
    • Select the “commissions” account as account head

Some background information:
We are dealing with a large range of products, each of which frequently changes prices, and those prices are based on a large variety of different configurations as well as the total quantity ordered. In other words, using pre-defined price lists or even standardizing products unfortunately is not a valid option for us.

At the moment we are using an ad-hoc price list as was suggested by @anand in this forum post:

We also made the following changes in the Selling Settings section in order to be able to change prices when amending a quotation:

  • Uncheck: Maintain Same Rate Throughout Sales Cycle
  • Check: Allow User to Edit Price List Rate in Transaction

Due to frequent price changes and customers changing specifications as well as the order quantity, quotations in our business are are seen as drafts until an actual order is placed.



Maybe you can default the discount to -3% (via customize form view)

Or ensure it via a custom script.

The margin is often the same for all items of a given quotation, but differs between quotations.

Therefore, I’d prefer to set the margin on a per-quotation level. I am just not sure if adding it as a charge to the “Taxes and Charges” section, as described above, would be recommended or even possible.




Is there any option for adding margin other than negative discount?


Could you find any solution for this?


No, I am still using negative margins as a way to add a commission.

I also hoped to find a better solution, but it seems ERPNext is not made for this kind of use case.