Best practice for backup a self-hosted Erpnext


I am wondering if there is a good document for doing backup (preferably daily backup) on self hosted ERPNext site. The dropbox solution isn’t really working for us. We need to find a backup solution to the site as well as the database as our transactions and activities have been ramping up. We have the site on VM on HA on a Xenserver pool with two identical server. I will feel more comfortable if there is offsite backup for disaster recovery.

Hi @jpstonepc I am sure you have seen Amazon S3 backup on Not Found. This is really not Frappe or ERPNext specific. Either you run a virtual machine and just back that up with your host (or a second host if you dont trust your datacenter) or you could just back up your customizations (apps) on a private Git repository and use any sort of MariaDB backup solution.

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Are you taking drop-box backup?

Daily drop-box backup and weekly snapshot backup works for our self hosted ERPNext.
ERPNext also takes daily 2-3 backup, which is helpful to restore site if something happen.

When you update server, keep snapshot of server first. If something goes wrong, you can restore your snapshot within a second. (This will save lot of time of installing ERPNext site and restoring database, coping public files)

Keep one more copy of ERPNext snapshot and databse on another server.

What command are you using when doing a snapshot?

We are using oracle vm to setup local server
In Oracle VM you can take snapshot and restore it when you need.
Please see image.

If you are using digital ocean, digital ocean also provide such service. You can clone your instance state and restore when you need.

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