Best practice for defining Items


I’m in the process of defining my sales items and I am not sure what the best way to do this is. Here’s a bit of background.

We manufacture ice cream and we have many different flavours. Most flavours are sold in various different packages (125ml cups, 473ml cups, 2lt tubs, 5lt tubs, etc.). When a client orders a product, he orders it in a specific package/size and we mostly produce it based on the order. Once it is frozen, we can’t re-package it anymore.

As the recipe for a flavour is the same for all packages, it would somehow be ideal to have a single item, which then can be used as a single BOM, no?

From what I understand, I have the following options:

  • Create a separate item for each flavour/container combination. This should allow for the most flexibility, but will then also require multiple BOM
  • Create an item per flavour and use variants. Is it then still possible to have a separate barcode for each variant?
  • Create an item per flavour and use different UOM. Can I use separate barcodes for each UOM?

Are there any other options? What would you suggest for this? Thanks in advance for any kind of tipps.

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If you are manufacturing the ice-cream based on sales order, it will be better to create separate BOMs for different variants. Else you can use single BOM and then do the repacking to different packages. You can have separate barcode for each variant. What will be the UOM in sales invoice? Will it be numbers for all packages or liters in some conditions?

We currently use the number of tubs/cups as the UOM, and indicate the volume on the item description. I would believe that we continue with that, as our clients will order 4 tubs or 10 cups, etc.

I was also thinking if I have separate BOMs, then I can include the packaging material directly into the BOM as part of the “ingredients” to get a better view of the total costs of the batch.