Best Practice For POS in Retail Store

What is the best practice for selling with POS in a retail store, in a situation where sales point is different from the sales point.

When utilizing the POS module, all transaction is done in one interface, i.e. invoicing and payment entry, whereas, when making sales with normal sales invoice, you can easily follow the separation of invoicing by a separate staff, and payment entry by the cashier, however, the normal invoice does not have the ability to scan serial numbers or part numbers like the POS interface, hence, the limitation in a store front scenario.

How can one possibly use the POS interface to produce only invoice, so that the cashier can then produce a payment entry against the invoice produced.


When you click pay put zero in the payment field.

Then submit.

The invoice is created as unpaid.

The cashier can then make the payment entry when he is ready as usual.


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Thanks @olamide_shodunke, really helped!