Best practice to change prices

Hi all!

I’m trying to change the selling price of my items and I’m struggling what’s the best way to do this.
Can somebody help me?

So let’s say my supplier tells me that the prices of items A, B and C will go up next month due to [insert whatever reason]. So I want to adjust my selling prices accordingly.
How do I change the prices of item A, B and C so that it will take effect next month?

And additionally: How do I filter the prices so that I only see today valuable prices in item price list?

I really hope somebody can help me!

Under Item Price, there’s a field Valid From. The price should be applicable from the said date. This is in v13.

Hi @kennethsequeira, thanks for your reply.
Do I get that right that the valid from only works if the applied date is in the future?
Besides that the system always chooses the last price unless?

valid upto on the other side can be set into the past. Correct?