Best practices for customized ERPNext implementation as SaaS

Hi there,

I’d like to customize ERPNext for a really narrow industry and add a lot of value to the product for this narrow market segment. I’m going to sell it as SaaS exactly like you sell ERPNext hosting on
– Ask for email, password and company name
– Generate in a few seconds a fresh customized ERP installation on a new subdomain (e.g.

I have a few questions about it:

  1. What it’s the best practices for automated ERPNext installations on the subdomains?
  2. Is there any existing solution for it or I should write all the scripts by myself?
  3. ERPNext is open source. But is the website open source as well? Is it possible to fork it and customize?

P. S. I really love you ERP. When I saw it after a dozens of other ERPs I was shocked to see such a nice UX in tandem with such a great architecture. I really appreciate what you guys do here.

We use the stanard bench multitenant setup. There is no magic sauce

The sign up app (central) is not open (yet!) Also at this point its not designed to be generic and we don’t think it is very useful to the end user community. It is useful for creating clones of which we have no interest in encouraging :slight_smile:

Of course :slight_smile:

Thank you for your answer and have a great day!