Best Practices for scrap

Looking for how other folks are handling scrap in production. This is not pre-planned off-fall, but parts etc that break or don’t meet quality criteria or are built incorrectly etc.

Is there a scrap transaction?

Have a look at the stock reconciliation? If you’re on a new ERPNext install, you may have to start by creating some transactions…

In my experience I have generally preferred to handle it with an expense line of 'Net Change in Inventory"

How would I handle scrapping a serialized finished good?

Anyone have ANY recommendation on this? I NEED to scrap some serialized finished goods and there is no “scrap” transaction to use?

I have these items in a warehouse and can’t seem to use the stock adjustment transaction because they are serialized.

Seems to be a glaring oversight that there is no dedicated scrap transaction.

Any suggestions on how to handle this situation will be much appreciated!

an idea -
Make a scrap warehouse. Then from there sell the items at lower rates or zero.