Best solution for Sizes treatment for Footwear business

Hello all,
I run a footwear business where there are many articles and every article has a Size roll from EU 39 to EU 47 or UK2 to UK13 etc,. Currently, I am creating variants for different sizes for a particular article.

But creating variants is a problem in my case because there is absolutely no difference in the shoes just the sizes, due to which I am not able to make Quotation with the primary item, we have to add individual sizes to line items in Supply orders and treat the variants as separate items. In the Busy ERP sizes are just a parameter to maintain stock size-wise. Something similar will be great for us.

Any help in this will be highly appreciated.

I think variant is the proper way to handle this. It will help you keep your inventory accurate and useful.

I think it would be best to come up with workarounds to satisfy other requirements. For example, you can always add a size variant named “specify”. This will allow you to add this single item to a quotation (which may include various sizes).

When a customer places an order, do they request specific sizes?

You may try Product Bundle. You can create a bundle and add specific variants in it.
Then try to use it in a Quotation.

I sometimes tweak ERPNext to show the template item in the Quotations. So you can create quotations with the template items. But for your specific requirements we need to handle it a little bit different in Sales Order stage. Do you know the exact quantities for each variant in sales order?