Best VPS for hosting ERPnext


I am planning to implement ERPnext with end users in India, on a private server. Would like to receive suggestions from developers and users about their experiences wrt performance with various VPS service providers. Also any minimum specifics required in configuration to get optimum speed and performance.

Thanks in advance.

Hi … i used digital oecan and its seems to be fine and good…

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Plug: You get a managed ERPNext hosting with upgrades and priority email support at

Edit: In May 2020, we have also launched - affordable, managed ERPNext hosting


yes, it is best to get the managed ERPNext even just for the cost of server and included support alone.
As an implementer - you will still have a few methods to earn. (deployment setup, custom reports, etc, see

@rmehta - sir, i think we need to clarify some things on the faq?
esp. this one: “There is a one time 30% commission on each customer you sign-up at after your first one.”
is there a system where we can track referrals? also, i think we need to improve this incentive into something recurring. just my thoughts.


If you a absolute newbie go with or else Digital Ocean with Ubuntu Trusty 64 bit is the best.

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@jlx we dropped commissions since we did not have critical mass.

Maybe we should start again :smile:

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I’m using RAMnode (extremely fast 2gb RAM, 2 cores, SSD, USD$17/month) and installed the ERPnext Bitnami stack. Up and running perfectly in 10 minutes. Plus I installed nginx with SSL. ERPnext runs lightning fast and it’s easy to backup because it’s all contained in 1 directory. I was worried about the overhead of Bitnami, but so far it’s no problem.

I looked at DigitalOcean and Linode but got a better deal. So far no complaints.

I would have preferred Docker, but I couldn’t get it to work with SSL.


Digital ocean boy.

Digital Ocean all the way with Ubunt Trusty 64bit

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Can you give me set by step instructions how you installed. I installed bitnami stack on 1&1 cloud server and everything works well except email smtp settings don’t get saved and I can’t receive or send email. Thank you

I am facing similar issue about setting up email server. Have you found any resolution?

Some people here use SparkPost to deliver their emails. They have a positive reputation and you get 100,000 free emails per month.

Example screeenshot of the proper settings can be found at Issues with Sparkpost Setup and Sending Emails - #4 by adityaduggal

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can we do customized erp in erpnext hosting services ?

Thnx @felix for the suggestion. I will try out SparkPost.

@bobzz_zone As far as I know server side customization is not possible. Client side customization using custom script is possible.

Google Cloud is the way to go!

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Hi Guys,
What about ?
is it good?

I would say keep away from A2 hosting. Best I found is Vultr mainly because of 2 reasons

Daily backup available on scheduled time defined by you. Charges are extra for this. Digital Ocean does weekly backup.
Create multiple users on Vultr site for managing servers. Users can be given various rights. Digital Ocean charges for creating team members.

Funny, I thought it was just me that got tired of trying to get an A2 Hosted VPS server to work. I gave up after about 2 weeks and moved to InterServer for the same reasons that you chose Vultr.

The only thing I can say is when shopping for a VPS host, make sure you get the KVM type of VPS server because the other types do NOT have swapfile space and do not allow you to allocate it yourself either.

The KVM type of VPS server typically also will cost a little more than the standard linux server, but without swap space you will be fighting an uphill battle.

Also, consider the linux OS when you are trying to decide on a permanent production server. Some recent events have illuminated some short-comings of Ubuntu 16.04 and older. Please refer to this post for a more details, but it comes down to how much time you want to put into manually scheduled maintenance for the OS…

Ubuntu is great at some things, but needs improvement in how it handles it’s own updates.

Hope this is helpful to someone…


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does anybod know this?

any opinion on how it would work ?
Thanks i am a beginner.