Best Way Start Working and Best Arsenals?

I have to use windows because of my job. However ı want to develop erpnext and write custom app to erpnext at my Windows pc.
I have bought a vps in order to see developed feaures in wild. is Centos 7 Linux distrubution(
well may you give advise which tools are the best for debuging developing erpnext. how work localy(windows) and instantly update vps server via internet.
if you are a software house startup and hired a new software developer what is softwares and tools she must install her computer in order to start and debug and deploy her code ?

if your system is windows, you don’t need to pay for a vps, you can use the windows subsystem for linux (yes, it’s a real thing, look it up).

when it comes to development you can use git, and run bench update --migrate (I think right one) to update the local copy of repo on your vps.

for the actual development process, the only software you need is an ide (I would suggest vs code), git, and a web browser (I’d recommend firefox developer edition).