Best way to add item for a accessories company

Implementing Erpnext for a garments accessories manufacturer company. We have several variations in item example like

  1. Woven label

    • main label
      • colors of the world (brand) [size: s,m,l,xl]
    • size label
    • main label with size
  2. Printed label

    • hang tag
      • colors of the world (brand) [size: 48,64,86]
  3. printed items

    • barcode sticker
      • takko (brand) [color : neon , blue]

every items have different brands, different size , different colors . Also different items have same brands and colors I,m really confused which I will select as an end product . I can use colors and size as attribute but how can I manage brand wise color and size ? Can anyone suggest ?

Thanks in advance