Best way to create ITEM for monthly service provided by supplier where we want month in the title of line item?

example… supplier provides us with “Monthly Janitorial Service”

But we create single annual PO for them with 12 line items like:

“Monthly Janitorial Service - JAN”
“Monthly Janitorial Service - FEB”
“Monthly Janitorial Service - MAR”

Would item variants be best way to handle this? Or create individual 12 items? Or possible to append information to description of item (i.e. JAN) during PO creation?

A new item attribute, say Month could be created with an attribute value for each month, then an Item master for the service, adding multiple variants based on month. A time saver? Probably not for a one time item, however if you provide other services monthly the attribute could be reused.

This video describes it briefly:

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Thanks for the suggestion. Looks like this would work.

The only problem I see with it is how does it work if you need to update the template (or the item variants) after the item variants have been used? I guess you then need to go into each variant?

I don’t know what happens if you add or remove an attribute from a master, once the item variants have been committed to transactions. I suspect adding attributes wouldn’t matter, removing them might not either but without creating a test I can’t say for sure.

Yeah seems like they (items) know they are variants. I’m not sure how that would work either.

FWIW, I see you can also multi-select items in the list (i.e. varient items created from master) to edit/update/change invidivual fields… so there’s that as an option.