Best way to git new app and site?

Hello everyone,
I’m developing a new frappe module and I would like to track versions using Git (bitbucket). For now I have added my new directory (frappe-bench/apps/my_app_name) to a remote repository. I’m then able to install my app on another instance by:
-installing the frappe bench
-pulling my remote repo in frappe-bench/apps
-installing my app with PIP (./env/bin/pip install -q -e ./apps/my_app_name)
creating a new site, add my app in sites/app.txt, install my app on my new site (bench install-app my_app_name)

My problem is when I start the bench all my site config have disappeared (users, languages, etc.) which I understand is quite normal as I installed my app on a new site.

I don’t know which directories I should git to simplify my installation process (if possible) and to import all my settings.

Thx for your help :smile:

You can add your setup in the after_install hook for your app