Best way to import ERPNext 14 Data in ERPNext 15

On my VPS which was running ERPNext 14 I tried to update it to version 15 but keep failing due to NodeJS problem.

So after spending a day trying to sort this out I decided to format it and reinstall ERPNext 15 on it.

I took the backup of data and download it to my local PC.

Then I cleaned my VPS and started afresh and managed to setup ERPNext 15 on it and it is working!

Now I want to import all the data of version 14 into version 15.

How do I go about importing it?

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@YogiYang don’t you have ssh access to your server ?

How will I install Frappe, ERPNext, etc. on the VPS without SSH access?

I have SSH access.

My concern is that if I use the bench restore command will it handle the difference in data structure automatically or are there any other command/steps we need to issue before trying to restore the database of version 14?

@YogiYang restore your data then run bench migrate . system will run all new patches and fix all table changes .

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bench migrate after bench restore worked for me!

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